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Microsoft Azure has harnessed hybrid cloud capabilities with Azure Stack. Hybrid cloud is a popular cloud model for business because of its flexibility. Companies get access to both public and private cloud resources and can orchestrate the two environments to optimize data protection and transmission.

Azure Stack offers systems and appliances that are tailored to today’s innovative IT architectures. Companies that want the versatility of Azure Stack combined with the support of a hosting partner will want to opt for Azure Stack-as-a-Service.

Here’s a look at 3 reasons why Microsoft Azure Stack-as-a-Service is a great option for companies that want to get the most out of cloud.

1) An Azure disaster recovery site is managed and maintained by a provider but controlled by the customer.

disaster-recovery-controlled-by-the-customer-with-firstlight-solutionsCompanies want cloud providers to be accountable for data protection and security. However, they don’t want to sacrifice control over their data and resources.

Azure Stack gives your business access to public cloud resources for disaster recovery that are orchestrated with an on-premises environment for instant failover. When your business leverages Azure Stack-as-a-Service, your provider offers management and maintenance support for your DR site but leaves your company in control of mission-critical information.

2) You achieve low-latency connectivity to a data center nearer to your users. 

For some customers, moving workloads to the cloud can mean a sacrifice in performance due to added latency on the network.  For organizations in the Northeast, having an Azure Stack site that sits on an extremely low latency fiber connection could mean that they can take advantage of all that Azure has to offer, without the high cost and performance degrading latency that comes with connecting to public cloud onramps. Taking advantage of Azure Stack-as-a-Service through a provider that can support it with a low-latency, high-speed network improves performance even further.

3) You gain a partner that can assist in managing your cloud workloads in a way that works for your organization. 

we-can-assist-in-managing-your-cloud-workload-firstlightManaging IT is harder than ever, and while moving to the cloud can offer tremendous benefits, it can still add stress to already stretched-thin IT teams. By working with a provider, your company can get the right mix of managed services that will unburden your staff but still provide the level of control you’re looking for.

With Azure Stack-as-a-Service, your provider becomes a trusted partner that augments your staff by plugging in where it makes sense, or letting your teams have total control—whatever works best for your industry.

The Azure Stack Provider With the Right Offering

When deciding to use Microsoft Azure Stack-as-a-Service, choosing the right hosting partner is crucial. Your company should choose a host for Azure Stack that can deliver low-latency network performance and data center location diversity.

For companies in the Northeast, FirstLight is the ideal choice for Azure Stack-as-a-Service. FirstLight brings Azure Stack workloads closer to users in our region and our team is ready to seamlessly help your organization achieve the most from the cloud.

We have an Azure Stack site, and organizations will benefit from the support of our high-speed fiber optic network that gives you low-latency connectivity to your users and/or data centers across the region, including public cloud onramps.

If you think Azure Stack-as-a-Service is right for your company, reach out to FirstLight and learn more.