Advanced Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

For extensive visibility into your network, devices, infrastructure and applications.

Take your monitoring solution a step further and stay informed about every facet of your IT, from network and devices, to applications and infrastructure, and maintain the performance and efficiency that it was designed to deliver.

FirstLight’s Monitoring Services Group has the complete capabilities to support the SolarWinds monitoring platform and all that it can accomplish for your organization. Our Advanced Application and Infrastructure Monitoring solution includes all that our Network and Enterprise Monitoring solutions have to offer, plus additional capabilities for the most comprehensive look at your IT:

Virtualization Manager:

SolarWinds reports a 59% reduction in downtime with proactive alerts and recommendations.

  • Provides vSphere and Hyper-V performance recommendations and monitoring
  • Fix issues faster with active performance alerts
  • Save money by reclaiming virtual resources using VM sprawl recommendations
  • Centralize management with a single dashboard to optimize and fix vSphere and Hyper-V performance issues

Server and Application Monitor :

Monitor any application or server anywhere.

  • Monitor the performance, capacity, and health of Linux and Windows apps across data centers, remote offices, and the cloud
  • Get detailed app health and performance metrics to help you pinpoint the root cause of application issues
  • Monitor multi-vendor applications, servers, databases, and storage from a single, easy-to-use, customizable web interface
  • Save time with automated discovery of applications and infrastructure, customizable monitoring templates, and pre-built alerts and reports

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