Azure Workloads in the Northeast

Whether you need lower latency into your Azure environment or want a separate Azure site for DR and/or Test/Dev, FirstLight has you covered with our Northeast based Azure Stack as a Service solution.

Have been you been wondering if you could find a way to optimize and improve the performance of your Azure workloads by bringing them closer to your end users? Have you been thinking about IT resiliency and wondering if you could find a DR site for your Azure-based applications?  Have you been considering a hybrid cloud approach but weren’t quite sure how to make it all work? Azure Stack by FirstLight is the ideal way to tie together your public Azure workloads with a Northeast-based Azure site that is connected to one of the best performing fiber networks in the industry.

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Disaster Recovery for Azure Workloads

Leverage FirstLight’s Azure Stack site as a truly separate DR location for your Azure workloads

Save Money on Network Costs

Whether connecting directly or through the Internet, FirstLight’s unique model for connectivity helps you keep your dollars where they belong, in your pocket

Low Latency Connectivity

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance to take advantage of the cloud. When milliseconds matter, put your Azure workloads closer to where they need to be an on our low latency network.

Azure Stack as a Service

Managing your own Azure Stack can be a costly proposition, with data center, capital outlays and labor to manage. FirstLight has that all covered for you and you can buy our solution in the same scalable way you would expect.

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