What’s New for VoIP in 2017?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has transformed the way companies work by enabling fast and reliable internal and external communications through a broadband internet connection. Efficient communication means improved workflows that result in increased productivity and profit. The workplace dynamic is changing in ways that demand more from VoIP technologies. Employees are spending more time … Read More

New technology trends are creating unprecedented opportunities for organizations to communicate more effectively, securely, and efficiently. This article will explore 3 trends that are extending the capabilities of VoIP for business with unified communications, custom VoIP networks, and cloud-based firewall. 1. VoIP as Part of Unified Communications Voice communications were comparatively late to the game in leveraging … Read More

Keeping your data flowing, and your business humming, requires a secure and reliable connectivity solution. A local area network (LAN) works well for a single location business. However, as your business grows, expanding into new areas and new locations, connectivity becomes more challenging. A wide area network (WAN) can provide fast and secure communication between … Read More

Partner Program Blog Series: How to Move from Price Competition to Selling Value

We work in a competitive industry, and customers have many choices when selecting a partner. They are looking for exceptional trust, consistent reliability and, of course, a high performing network, and it is important to communicate these key differentiators when making a sale. Continuing our FirstLight Partner Program blog series for 2017, this piece looks … Read More

Partner Program Blog Series: Tips for Getting a “Yes”

February is now in full swing, and 2017 has moved past predictions and guessing about what may happen in the new year to business as usual. In prior blogs, we’ve identified what makes a solid communications provider, and learned how to get the most from our partner. Next in our series offers ways to ensure … Read More

Partner Program Blog Series:  How to Get the Most from Your Partner

   The holidays are over and 1Q17 is well underway. That means new opportunities, new sales tools and new goals. So how do agents get the most out of their partners to make sure this year is their most successful yet? Continuing our FirstLight Partner Program blog series for 2017, this piece looks at some … Read More