CloudShark Software Apppliance

CloudShark software and appliances help make managing your network captures easy.

Take control of your most valuable source of network and application data. No matter if you’re using WireShark, nBox Recorder or raw pcap files, CloudShark’s software makes it easy to analyze and share these results!

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Instead of spending all your time searching for the right capture files, use CloudShark’s filtering, sorting, searching, and tagging abilities to find the pcap you’re looking for, and get on with your work.


Stay focused on your analysis by staying in your web browser. There’s no large files to download, or slow software to launch – and CloudShark’s web enhanced analysis tools raise the bar on what you can do with data.


Stop doing the same analysis over and over again – save and share your analysis with others by sending them a URL. They can pick up right where you left off, and see exactly what they need to see.

Import into CloudShark

It’s easy to drag & drop capture files right into CloudShark by using your browser, and using the powerful CloudShark upload API let you import captures from other tools anywhere in your network.

Display Filters

CloudShark Appliance supports the all of the display filters in Wireshark and helps you remember what they are by autocompleting as you type. The filter is automatically added to the URL for easy sharing.

Everything is a URL

All your network capture files and analysis results are accessed with a simple URL. No more passing around large files or starting from scratch every time. And since it works in a browser, analysis can finally be done from your mobile device.

CloudShark integrates with nTop

Ntop n2disk Line Rate Packet Recorder – ntop is a diverse company with solutions for network monitoring, VPN, as well as packet-to-disk and wire-speed packet capture and transmission. These solutions, including n2disk, allow you to capture at multi-Gigabit rates on a live network interface without packet loss. With n2disk’s CloudShark integration, you can view those captures immediately, right in your browser.

Apply Tags

Tagging is central to CloudShark. Tag files with anything that makes sense to you, whether it’s location information, bug ticket numbers, or analysis that needs to be done.

Save Your Work

All your analysis is saved and can be shared by passing a URL around. Instead of reproducing analysis each time you open a file, or emailing people screenshots, link directly to it for them to see.

Share Annotations and Comments

As you do your analysis, you can make annotations directly on top of the network capture packets. When you share the URL with a co-worker, those annotations go along with it, and there’s no need to re-explain what you saw.