Don’t Leave Your Organization Vulnerable to a Downtime Event

FirstLight’s Disaster Recovery Solution is a Simple, Secure Way to Stay Protected

Like you, we understand how high the stakes are. You can’t afford downtime, and you need a reliable disaster recovery solution that you can count on. Let FirstLight show you a way to protect your company with a cloud-based DR solution that is simple, affordable, easy to manage and provides everything you need to help achieve your goal of 100% uptime.

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3 Minutes on How FirstLight Helps you Protect Your Critical Data and Applications.

Nobody should have to live with the risk of downtime for their critical applications

FirstLight can help you protect your company with a cloud-based DR solution that is simple, affordable, easy to manage and provides everything you need to help you achieve your goal of 100% uptime.

FirstLight Gives You Everything You Need to Guard Against the High Cost of Downtime

With FirstLight’s Veeam-powered disaster recovery and backup service, you’ll have one solution that can protect all of your organization’s critical data, applications or cloud-based data like Office 365 (SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive).

Geo-Redundant Cloud Sites

FirstLight operates multiple cloud sites across the Northeast so you can target your backup jobs and replicate your critical applications to a DR site that is optimally located. Our sites are far enough away for redundancy but close enough that your users won’t know the difference when you failover.

Licensing, Cloud Infrastructure & Support Included

We’ve got you completely covered. FirstLight’s solution includes all of the necessary Veeam licensing, FirstLight’s Secure VMware-powered cloud infrastructure and a team of experts ready to help 24×7.

Network Connectivity

FirstLight operates a 15,000-mile fiber optic network and can help design a solution that ensures not just replication, but that during a failover you have the redundancy and automation you need to quickly get back up on your feet.

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