It’s All About The Network

The Technology Your Organization Needs Can’t Perform Without a Great Connection. 
FirstLight’s Fiber Optic Network was Built for Speed, Reliability and Performance.


* Offer applies to the purchase of new FirstLight services. Renewal of existing services or revenue ports for existing services do not qualify for this promotion. This promotion applies to on-net services only. Services purchased prior to the start of this promotion do not apply. In the event a service is cancelled prior to the expiration of contract term, in addition to any early termination liability owed to FirstLight, the customer will be required to remit any credits received under this promotion. The maximum credit eligible under this promotion is $5,000. This Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions offered by FirstLight Customer must have an Master Services Agreement (MSA) in effect at the time the order is placed with FirstLight or agree to FirstLight’s standard terms and conditions for the service(s) and the Service Order Form must be signed and accepted by an authorized representative of FirstLight. Applies to Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) excludes one time charges including installation and equipment charges as well as taxes, surcharges and usage.