Enterprise Monitoring

From network to devices, understand your complete IT environment.

Designed to give you a deeper understanding of how each component is performing, Enterprise Monitoring can provide insight and analytics on your wide area and local area networks, as well as your wireless and remote access solutions. Our vendor-neutral platform leverages standards-based technologies to monitor critical infrastructure such as routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points and more.

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Feature Sets:

  • Web portal to view network inventory

  • Dashboard to view all nodes and interfaces

  • Node/port/circuit status

  • Bandwidth usage statistics per node interface

  • Alert on device status

  • Alert on bandwidth usage

  • Alert on interface errors and drops

  • Alert on interface status

  • Generate historical reports on-demand

  • Setup scheduled reports

  • Enable at-a-glance visual of your network topology, and its current status with a high-level topology map detailing current status



Features Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Web Portal X X X
Device Inventory (type, hostname, IP, and more) X X X
Equipment Health Status such as CPU, memory, and availability X X X
Critical interface monitoring including utilization and availability X X X
Current event summary X X X
Alert on device and/or critical interface status   X X
Alert on interface thresholds including packet errors and drops   X X
Alert on bandwidth thresholds   X X
Ad-hoc historical reporting     X
Scheduled historical reporting     X
High level network topology map     X

Dashboard Home Page for Enterprise Monitoring:

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