Fiber Optic Network

For over 20 years, FirstLight has been building and operating its own fiber optic network, including fiber to the premises systems and fiber to the cell tower. The network, with core data and switching platforms achieving high uptime, is architected for services ranging from Dark Fiber to 100 Gigabit waves to Internet, voice services and more. Have questions?  Contact us today!

National cellular providers, CLECs, and hundreds of leading enterprises, spanning high tech manufacturing and research, hospitals and healthcare, banking and financial, secondary education, colleges and universities, and local and state governments rely on the power of FirstLight’s network to help them achieve their business objectives. We combine advanced networking technology with an experienced staff with comprehensive, proactive support.


Fiber Optic Network

By delivering services over our own advanced fiber optic network FirstLight’s services provide businesses more bandwidth, higher speeds, and greater reliability than copper, coax or wireless communication networks.

Benefits of FirstLight’s services:

  • Fiber-Based Services: Fiber optic connection for virtually unlimited bandwidth and a future-proofed network.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: Customers receive the full rate capacity as specified for both upstream and downstream; bandwidth is not shared like what you can get from other providers.
  • Guaranteed Network Reliability: Measurable and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) levels, critical for managing a dispersed network and preventing packet loss, latency and jitter.
  • Scalable Capacity: Connections can be increased up to 100 Gbps based on your business needs.

The FirstLight fiber optic network is exclusively owned and operated by FirstLight; maintenance and repair is coordinated directly from our Network Operations Center (NOC) in downtown Albany, NY with a backup NOC in Manchester, NH.

Data Core

Our network design philosophy is based on the understanding that the telecommunications services we provide are vital to the sustainability and growth of your business. FirstLight’s core data network employs redundant equipment, connections, and power supplies. Our data network is comprised of dual equipment including redundant core routers, and FirstLight routes Internet traffic via multiple transit providers with geographically diverse paths.

FirstLight’s network is monitored 24×7×365 and our own technical personnel are kept continuously apprised of any changes in network status. All aspects of our data center environmentals are monitored including the room, ceiling, and underfloor temperatures, system usage, and network connections.