How Encrypted Waves for Utilities Enforce National Security

Water, oil, and gas utilities are a vital part of our national infrastructure, making them attractive targets for bad actors hoping to shut down the power grid or deprive large populations of vital resources. Instead of stealing personally identifiable or financial information, these hackers try to find vulnerabilities in the system that they can exploit. … Read More

The Hidden Truth About Data Security for Higher Education

While higher education institutions may not seem like typical targets for cybercriminals, colleges and universities hold a treasure trove of valuable information. Colleges and universities handle the personal and financial information of their students, making campuses ripe pickings for identity theft. Research universities conduct studies and innovate, producing valuable intellectual property. Between the labs, classrooms, … Read More

Why Managed Edge Security May Be the Future of Finance

In July, the finance world was rocked by the news of a large breach at a major financial services company. A single hacker stole enormous amounts of data from its customers, and the New York Attorney General quickly started an investigation into whether this finance industry behemoth was negligent in its security. It’s a given … Read More

NERIC Regional Technology Awareness Day

FirstLight will be attending NERIC’s 2019 Regional Technology Awareness Day at the Red Lion Hotel in Albany, NY. Be sure to look for our vendor table at the expo! If you’d like to connect at the conference, please contact Steve Schmitt: We look forward to seeing you there!

Top 6 Ways the Cloud Can Revolutionize the K-12 Classroom

Over a decade ago, Google started targeting the U.S. classroom. Throughout K-12 grades, students began receiving Chromebooks to help facilitate learning. By 2015, Google Chromebooks accounted for half of all classroom device purchases. It was a huge change from the traditional school environment, which was mostly putting pencil to paper. Since 2015, the evolution has … Read More

3 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Look for in a Cloud Provider

Cloud computing has taken over every facet of our professional and personal lives. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Content Management Systems (CMS), Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, collaboration tools, storage, social media – we’re at an interesting point in time where business devices no longer require a memory … Read More

5 Fatal Disaster Recovery Mistakes to Avoid

Out of sight. Out of mind. That’s a trap we all fall into. Usually, the consequences aren’t severe. When it comes to business, however, that mindset can come back to haunt you. That’s certainly the case with disaster recovery. The only time disaster recovery seems to be top of mind is right after a disaster. … Read More