OP5 is a market leading developer of Open Source Management solutions. OP5 develops and delivers enterprise-class software for monitoring and administration of the whole IT infrastructure, from hardware and software all the way to virtual or cloud based services. Our solution, OP5 Monitor comes in a turn key package that is fully supported.


If you have a large or business critical IT network a unified view is key to successful IT management. Having all of your network data easily accessible and understandable in a single dashboard view keeps you informed not only of your networks current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future.

Unified Monitoring makes it possible to have a birds-eye view on the entire network, applications, cloud based services, and their current status and health. This includes monitoring devices and services, independent of underlying platforms and technologies, in order to receive alarms and notifications, as well as quick and easy trouble-shooting with detailed event correlation.


  • Vendor independent, technology transparent solution
  • Administrators can have one interface instead of many, increasing productivity and responsiveness
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, overview that enables simple root cause analysis
  • No more isolated monitoring islands
  • Reports that can present and visualize enterprise wide data
  • Direct display on what services are affected by a particular problem.

OP5 Main Services

Implementation Services

Let FirstLight work with you to review your needs and complete your op5 installation and configuration as we have for other clients.

Our Process:

While working with your teams, we’ll assess what monitoring software you have or need, configure these monitoring tools making sure they are implemented correctly and efficiently. All you have to do is use them! We maintain all the tools we provide, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Our partnership with op5 allows us to support your current environment or make suggestions and recommendations to fill any of your monitoring needs.

Managed Services

Our Enterprise Principle Offering (EPO) is a fully managed monitoring software service. This award winning service configures and maintains your monitoring software remotely. You own the software in your datacenter. From OpenSource to Enterprise grade software, we can manage it all.

  • Custom WMI, Agent, TL1 (non SNMP) Polling
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Alerts (with escalations)
  • Detailed Charts & Reports Traps & MIB databases
  • Dry contact enclosures
  • Generators (on, fuel, faults)
  • Battery Backups (batt left, on batt, etc)
  • Monitoring software upgrades & patching
  • Network Monitoring
  • Port/Interface Utilization & Graphing
  • Application Monitoring Custom Dashboards and Maps
  • Monitoring NOC Training
  • HW purchase forecasting (mem, cpu, etc)
  • Multiple Datacenter Monitoring
Basic Training

Basic training is an introduction course for all op5 Monitor users. Our professional instructors use a combination of theory and hands-on lab exercises to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to setup, configure, customize, and administrate an op5 Monitor installation.

Advanced Training

If you are a system administrator or network engineer who has worked with op5 products and you are responsible for the configuration, development or maintenance of them, we recommend that you also attend our Advanced training course to gain the knowledge needed to take your monitoring to the next level.


OP5 Monitoring Programs

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