Encrypted Wavelength

Secure Your Data In-Flight

With so much sensitive data traveling over multiple networks, you can’t afford to ignore data transport security. FirstLight provides ultra-low-latency encryption without sacrificing network performance.

With the ‘always-on’ protection of FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution, your critical data is protected and secure in flight – whether it’s traveling across the street, across town, or across regions.

Low-Latency, End-to-End Protection

FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution enables low-latency encryption to secure your in-flight data with ease and speed. Encrypted Wavelength offers high-capacity, cost-effective, and scalable wire-speed encryption for end-to-end data protection.

‘Always-on’, Level 1 Encryption

While the focus of many in-flight data encryption solutions is on encrypting data at Layer 2 or higher, FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution encrypts data at the transport layer, protecting all in-flight data at layer 1.


  • Protects all in-flight data 24/7 from metro to long-haul
  • 10G and 100G options
  • Protocol-agnostic
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise PKIs
  • Fast and hitless key rotation every second
  • Best-practice encryption solution widely deployed worldwide in finance, legal, healthcare, military, utility, and government network applications


  • ‘Always-on’: Layer 1 encryption ensures in-flight data is fully protected 24-7.
  • Superior Performance: Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption Technology provides no performance degradation with ultra-low latency, wire-speed encryption.
  • Highly Secure Encryption System: Simplified end-user key management with integrated management software for authentication and data encryption.
  • Affordable: Eliminates costly equipment purchases, overhead, and maintenance costs.
  • Flexible: Available for 10G and 100G
  • FIPS Compliant