Wavelength Service

Maximizing uptime, while minimizing costs, is a must for all businesses today. That is why more businesses are turning to high transport solutions that enable their operations to thrive in the digital age.

Fast, Flexible Dark Fiber Alternative

Transporting today’s big data and content requires continuous business application functionality with zero downtime. With FirstLight’s Wavelength service, businesses can transmit data at high speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second. FirstLight’s Wavelength service is delivered over its own fiber optic network, which spans more than 15,000 fiber miles connecting more than 4,400 lit buildings with nearly 30,000 within close proximity to our network.

With FirstLight’s Wavelength service, you can enjoy the benefits of a dark fiber network, including dedicated, high capacity bandwidth while avoiding the challenges and costs associated with deploying and operating a dark fiber network.

Whether you need to connect to one location for offsite data replication or need to connect multiple locations, FirstLight’s Wavelength service is the flexible, reliable solution needed to help your business thrive.

Resilient and Secure

FirstLight’s Wavelength service is delivered over our fiber optic network, which we own and manage to ensure high uptime and performance. An ideal solution for linking bandwidth-intensive sites, FirstLight’s Wavelength service supports today’s voice, data and video applications, and is flexible enough to accommodate future applications as business needs evolve.

The service can be purchased as either unprotected or in a diverse configuration and is designed to support high-bandwidth, mission-critical applications.


  • 1G, 2.5G, 10G, or 100G dedicated bandwidth
  • 10G LAN PHY, 10G WAN PHY, and OTU-2 options available
  • Allows specification of protocols
  • Flexible network topologies – single or multiple waves
  • Low-latency routes available
  • Full SLA guarantees


  • High Capacity: With options ranging from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps, FirstLight’s Wavelength provides the bandwidth companies need to support your critical business applications
  • Secure: Dedicated connections to a company’s usage; data does not traverse the public Internet
  • Flexible: Open interface that supports most major transport protocols
  • Performance: High capacity, dedicated bandwidth, backed by strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for performance, availability and restoration timeframes
  • Reliable: Service is backed by 24×7×365 network monitoring from our Network Operations Center
  • Customized Routing and Diversity: Varying routes across FirstLight’s fiber optic network offer options for optimal resiliency

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