Guard Against Inappropriate Content


Protect users from accessing inappropriate or dangerous content with FirstLight’s FilteredNet. This solution is specifically designed for libraries and educational institutions and powered by a sophisticated content filtering technology. Schools can allow students to explore the digital world with peace of mind knowing its Internet connections are protected with FirstLight’s FilteredNet.

FirstLight’s FilteredNet service can block inappropriate URLs or IP addresses as designated by the United States Department of Education (DOE). As changes to the list of restricted sites are made by the DOE, FirstLight’s FilteredNet makes real time updates to ensure that its configuration stays current. School administrators can access pre-configured reports to ensure compliance, and have the ability to independently make changes to FirstLight’s configuration or, for an additional charge, work with our partner to adjust the configuration, based on the school’s desire for open access.

FirstLight’s FilteredNet bundles our high quality Internet service with content filtering to create a solution built to foster an optimal learning environment.


  • Fully managed solution
  • Easy to use
  • Bundled with FirstLight’s Internet service to offer a seamless solution. FirstLight has been providing high-speed, reliable fiber optic Internet and data services for nearly 20 years


  • E-Rate, Priority 1 eligible service
  • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant solution
  • Powered by Cisco® and our Advanced Technologies Group
  • Dedicated, symmetrical Internet bandwidth — available from 5 Mbps -100 Gbps

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