Security Solutions

Your Organization Shouldn’t Be Left Vulnerable When it Comes to Cybersecurity.

FirstLight has the people, technology and solutions to help you safeguard against and recover from many of today’s looming security threats.

As a network, cloud and managed services provider, FirstLight understands what you’re up against. Malware, DDoS attacks, Network Breaches—these threats and more are on the mind of everyone who has responsibility for IT security. Our position as a service provider means that we can help you find and implement the right technologies and solutions to prevent and recover from the threats to your organization.

FirstLight Security Solutions

DNS Protection

Keeping the bad stuff out, while not affecting user performance, is a challenge to say the least. Cisco Umbrella helps integrate security policies for users on and off your network, and FirstLight’s experts can help you setup and implement your Cisco Umbrella solution to provide the maximum benefits to your organization.

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Cisco Hardware / Managed Routing, Switching, WiFi & Firewall

The ideal firewall is up-to-date, offers protection against advanced / emerging threats, and is managed by experts who follow best practices. If your team internally is making that happen then as a Cisco Premier Partner FirstLight is happy to sell you the hardware and licensing you need. But if you need to augment your staff or want help deploying / managing your devices, FirstLight’s team of experts stands ready to assist with that too. We’re not a one-size-fits-all organization, we seek to provide the ideal partnership that works for your unique organization.

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DDoS Protection

Your Internet provider should be doing more than just offering big bandwidth. Our DDoS prevention and mitigation solution provides the protection you need without major sacrifices in performance.

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Security Operations Center (as a Service)

Do you have a global set of resources and people watching your network and IT assets 24×7? FirstLIght’s partner Trustwave has integrated with our team to help you monitor and mitigate blind spots and active attacks.

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Cloud Backup

Data loss is the unforgivable sin in IT. If you’re hit with ransomware or if your data was accidently (or maliciously) deleted, you’ll want a separate and secure offsite backup that you can use to get back on your feet. And if you need to avoid downtime, your cloud backup can easily be coupled with our Disaster Recovery solution for the best way to recover from any threat.

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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our cloud sites are secure, robust and are the ideal solution to replicate your critical workloads. Recover from ransomware or any other cause of downtime.

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Data Center

Physical data center security is often overlooked. Our secure facilities and/or cloud sites are the ideal place to host your infrastructure and data—helping you prevent physical access to your most critical IT assets.

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