Server Management Services

Quite simply, FirstLight’s advanced management services make your job easier.

Do More With Less

IT organizations are tasked with an impossible task of both ensuring 100% uptime of all core business applications and also implementing business-critical IT projects, all with a limited budget and human resources. FirstLight’s management solutions allow our customer’s staff to do more with less, by providing a wealth of information and capabilities needed to effectively maximize application uptime. This allows IT organizations to focus most of their internal resources towards more business-critical functions.

Windows & Unix/Linux Support

Server Management solutions are available for both Windows Server as well as many popular Unix/Linux platforms. Application-level management is also available for popular applications including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint, MySQL, and Apache. Managed Virtualization is available with Microsoft HyperV, VMWare, and Citrix Xen. In addition to the core server management services, all customers receive access to our advanced monitoring portal for their own reporting and capacity planning needs.


  • Turn your existing 9 to 5 team into a 24/7 team
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by proactively monitoring and managing IT Infrastructure
  • Real-time and historic reporting provides deep visibility for forecasting capacity requirements
  • Selectively outsource routine system management to focus on business-impacting IT investments
  • Reduce administrative burden of complex security technologies
  • Pay-as-you-grow model allows for cost effective infrastructure growth

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