Looking to future-proof? Look no further than FirstLight.

When you choose FirstLight as your partner, you gain access to deep technical expertise in planning, designing, implementing and optimizing your fiber optic and Ethernet networks. We’ve been helping businesses and organizations across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic with setup and management for years.  

FirstLight brings deep technical expertise in planning, designing, implementing and optimizing fiber optic and Ethernet networks.

Network Evaluation and Assessment

Need an evaluation or an assessment? Our engineering team stands ready.

FirstLight has a team of in-house certified engineering experts to scout, evaluate and assess an organization's overall health and performance.

If you need us to send out an engineer to scout, evaluate, and/or assess your organization’s overall health and performance, we have an in-house team of certified experts who are ready to accommodate. Whether you’re looking for someone to evaluate your network performance, provide assessments for VoIP readiness, security, and wireless – or something else – we can assist.  

Some of the evaluation and assessment services we offer:  

  • Network Evaluation and Assessment Services  
  • Assessments for VoIP readiness, security and wireless
  • Network, VoIP, security and wireless monitoring services  
  • Engineering services for routing and switching  
  • Bandwidth utilization reports  
  • Network auto discovery  
  • Asset tagging
  • Documentation of networks  
  • Visio diagrams  

Network Analysis and Optimization

Network analysis and optimization
from industry-recognized engineers

Sometimes you’re looking for more than just a service checkup. Sometimes, in fact, you’ve got questions about how to optimize your performance, increase your redundancy, or understand whether existing architecture will be able to accommodate new requirements or need for growth. At FirstLight, we can set you up with a high-level, industry-recognized expert who will be able to walk you through the necessary steps of how best to plan, build, and equip your future network capabilities.

  • Network analysis and optimization services  
  • Assessment of network architecture and development of high-level recommendations for optimal performance, redundancy, availability and reliability
  • Proactive planning to predict whether the existing architecture can accommodate additional requirements and growth.    
FirstLight offers network analysis and optimization from industry recognized engineers.

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