No matter what technology challenges today’s state and local governments and municipalities face, FirstLight is ready to meet them by offering sophisticated, secure and compliant connectivity solutions.

Today, government entities are expected to foster transparency and respond to citizen needs while managing costs in an increasingly challenging fiscal environment. Telecommunication issues facing government agencies include:

  • Budget reductions
  • Fewer internal technical resources
  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Cyber security threats

FirstLight Fiber solutions for government consist of a comprehensive portfolio of secure, reliable telecommunications solutions, and knowledgeable staff experienced in working with municipalities, local and state government agencies to connect distributed sites, support centralized applications such as online-accessible services for citizens, and realize fiscal efficiencies.

FirstLight’s services offered in New York State are available on OGS State Contract

Solutions for Government:

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“We chose FirstLight for its established, locally-based data center, which is within easy reach of our technicians.  The facility provides best-in-class security, power generation, power backup and server room cooling capability”— State of NH Judicial Branch

“FirstLight has continually provided prompt, professional support and competitively priced services.”— State of NH Judicial Branch

“We are currently going through an extensive network redesign which includes substantial additions to our network topology, and FirstLight has been a key partner every step of the way.”— State of NH Judicial Branch

“Partnering with FirstLight allows us to provide lightning fast connectivity for a sophisticated and savvy membership that is coming to us from all over New York. It’s also a powerful marketing tool as we look to build.”— Bull Moose Club