Public Safety

Public safety organizations have focused for years on the need to support first responders and have deployed numerous technologies to accomplish these goals.

By leveraging modern technologies, agencies can share information both within and outside of their own jurisdictions. FirstLight has deployed robust solutions to support single and inter-agency communications including 911 PSAP networks, distributed video surveillance and converged infrastructure.

FirstLight Fiber solutions for public safety consist of a comprehensive portfolio of secure, reliable, scalable telecommunications solutions, 24×7×365 network monitoring, and knowledgeable staff experienced in working on mission critical Public Safety deployments.


Solutions for Public Safety:

“In our search for a provider who could offer redundant and diverse access to the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in New Hampshire, and convenient interconnection to the other service providers in the marketplace, we found that FirstLight was the only company equipped to meet all of these requirements”— INdigital