The cheapest Internet connection may work for some, but can it really handle all that your organization needs in today’s world of remote work, cloud-based applications, security threats (and so much more)?

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Are You Getting the Bandwidth You Were Promised?

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How Secure is Your Internet?

Some providers say they offer DDoS prevention and mitigation but the devil is in the details on how well it works. The right Internet connection should be paired with the right DDoS solution, which means preventing attacks and mitigating attacks while minimizing the impact it will have on performance. Learn more about FirstLight’s DDoS solution.

Milliseconds Matter

Your provider should be focused on directly connecting with as many users and content as possible. This reduction in latency as well as the number of hops as well and content caching can dramatically improve your experience. After all, why should you settle for anything less?

Built-in Redundancy & SLAs

For an Internet connection to be right for you, it has to be available. While no network is infallible, your provider should be working hard to build in redundancy, including regional connections that route traffic around major hubs during disruptions. Don’t just settle for “best effort” Internet. Insist upon an SLA that offers both an availability guarantee as well as a promise of quality.