Cloud security

How Encrypted Waves for Utilities Enforce National Security

Water, oil, and gas utilities are a vital part of our national infrastructure, making them attractive targets for bad actors hoping to shut down the power grid or deprive large populations of vital resources. Instead of stealing personally identifiable or financial information, these hackers try to find vulnerabilities in the system that they can exploit. … Read More

Why Managed Edge Security May Be the Future of Finance

In July, the finance world was rocked by the news of a large breach at a major financial services company. A single hacker stole enormous amounts of data from its customers, and the New York Attorney General quickly started an investigation into whether this finance industry behemoth was negligent in its security. It’s a given … Read More

3 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Look for in a Cloud Provider

Cloud computing has taken over every facet of our professional and personal lives. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Content Management Systems (CMS), Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, collaboration tools, storage, social media – we’re at an interesting point in time where business devices no longer require a memory … Read More

How IoT is Playing a Lead Role in the Utilities Industry

Utility companies are using smart meters to give customers control over their energy use. Smart thermostats can be used to gather data so that utility companies can gauge energy consumption and offer incentives to customers who conserve energy. A smart energy grid allows utilities to control energy flow and increase efficiencies. Water sensors can track … Read More

3 Reasons Why Managed Edge Security Is a Must

In the past, all you had to do was secure your perimeter and your data was safe. Technology has evolved and changed all that. Today, your data is dispersed: it’s in the cloud, in your employee’s mobile devices, and in your data center. You have a responsibility to protect your valuable data, no matter where … Read More

How to Defend Against Breaches in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and cloud computing have improved productivity and changed the way the world works. Companies are moving their applications and data to the cloud for many reasons such as  efficiencies, flexibility, agility. This revolutionary change has also shifted the location of risk from central infrastructure to endpoint devices.  While digital transformation has brought new … Read More

How Healthcare Providers Can Amp Up Security in 2019

Healthcare providers must deliver end-to-end data security because they manage personally identifiable information and medical histories, both of which can be targeted by cybercriminals to steal patients’ identities or commit insurance fraud. Patients rely on hospitals and medical centers to protect their privacy as well as their health. Healthcare providers need to find new ways … Read More