Unified Communications

Top Five Ways UC Transforms Utilities

It’s a time of transformation for the energy industry. Change is being driven by a variety of forces, namely technology and increased customer expectations. Customers have come to expect high-tech digital experiences from service providers, and utilities are no exception. Tech-savvy customers are putting pressure on utility companies to modernize their operations and stay competitive. … Read More

How Connectivity Helps Promote STEM Education

Many school districts are taking on initiatives to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in K through 12 institutions. STEM encourages young students to hone these skills in the hopes that they will go on to have careers in STEM fields. STEM initiatives are spreading across the country. For example, the STEM Education … Read More

5 Ways Technology Is Influencing Municipal Governments

Communities rely on their municipal government for many support services. Everything from education to public safety and waste management gets handled by the municipal government. Accommodating such a wide variety of needs is challenging for community leaders. However, technology can ease the burden. Technology, particularly when it is supported by high-speed connectivity, helps municipal governments … Read More

4 UC Use Cases in Manufacturing

Unified communications (UC) may seem like something that fits more easily into a corporation’s business offices. UC evokes images of executives and employees working from cubicles or remotely from home offices, using their mobile devices to web conference or exchange instant messages. However, UC has many uses in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are challenged by … Read More

3 Ways UC Plays a Role in Higher Education

Over the years, colleges and universities have expanded their use of unified communications (UC). At first, UC was used primarily for administrative purposes. However, higher education institutions now recognize that UC has a place in the classroom as well. Expanding the use of UC makes sense as college and university students increasingly depend on technology … Read More

3 Benefits Unified Communications Brings to Government

Government organizations need to jump over many hurdles when trying to communicate internally or with their constituents. They are expected to have open communication with constituents while still protecting sensitive information. Government agencies are forced to meet these requirements on a limited budget, often leaving them to work with outdated infrastructure. Unified communications (UC) delivers … Read More

How the Cloud Improves Public Safety

Today, public safety is top of mind for most communities. Mass shootings are regularly taking place at schools and workplaces. Violent incidents in public areas occur all too often. Back in 2013, the New England region was affected when terrorists targeted the Boston Marathon. Investigators used technology to find the attackers, analyzing hundreds of hours … Read More