Secure your data in-flight

Ultra-low-latency encryption

With the ‘always-on’ protection of FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution, your critical data is protected and secure in flight – whether it’s traveling across the street, across town, or across regions.

Encrypted Wavelength

No organization is immune to the threat of sensitive and private information being pilfered by hackers. Today’s network requires much more than high-capacity bandwidth – it needs a security strategy to protect critical data in flight.

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End-to-End Protection

Data transport security across multiple networks

FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution enables low-latency encryption to secure your in-flight data with ease and speed. Encrypted Wavelength offers high-capacity, cost-effective, and scalable wire-speed encryption for end-to-end data protection.


  • Protects all in-flight data 24/7 from metro to long-haul
  • 10G and 400G options
  • Protocol-agnostic
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise PKIs
  • Fast and hitless key rotation every second
  • Best-practice encryption solution widely deployed worldwide in finance, legal, healthcare, military, utility, and government network applications
Data transport security across multiple networks

Always-On Encryption

Fully protected data – 24-7

Fully protected data icon

While the focus of many in-flight data encryption solutions is on encrypting data at Layer 2 or higher, FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution encrypts data at the transport layer, protecting all in-flight data at layer 1.


  • ‘Always-on’: Layer 1 encryption ensures in-flight data is fully protected 24-7.
  • Superior Performance: Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption Technology provides no performance degradation with ultra-low latency, wire-speed encryption.
  • Highly Secure Encryption System: Simplified end-user key management with integrated management software for authentication and data encryption.
  • Affordable: Eliminates costly equipment purchases, overhead, and maintenance costs.
  • Flexible: Available for 10G and 400G
  • FIPS Compliant

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