Govern at speeds once reserved for private industry

Budget cuts, outdated infrastructure, the growing risk of cyber-attacks, and the long-term strain placed on virtual networks … Nobody said governing was easy. But by partnering with us, we can lift much of the strain off you. Whether you’re a municipal, county, or state governing body – or you’re a government agency operating across multiple jurisdictions – we can provide you with a fast, carrier-grade network for internet and ethernet, high-quality VoIP and meetings solutions, and foolproof data security. Moreover, our seasoned team of engineers, tech experts, and in-house construction services can help build, set up, maintain, and optimize your long-term telecom infrastructure.

Future-Proof Fiber Network

No more traveling at the speed of a bill through Congress

When you run your operations along our fiber network, you’re suddenly moving at a speed that many carriers can’t match. Our network is able to keep pace with your need for minimal latency, high resiliency, unmatched bandwidth, and future-proof scalability. Imagine what you could make happen with all that.

New Hampshire Judicial Branch Case Study

The New Hampshire Judicial Branch selected FirstLight as its Internet and Data Center service provider.

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FirstLight offers government unmatched bandwidth, minimal latency and high resiliency.


Secure, reliable, real-time telecommunications…when it counts

Whether you’re running a high-stakes interagency law enforcement investigation – or simply hosting a virtual meeting with long-time constituents – it’s important you have the right tools in place to communicate and lead swiftly and efficiently. Our best-in-class fiber optic network lets you collaborate and run your meetings at carrier speed, with minimal latency, packet loss, or jitter. We can also supply, set up, and manage top-ranked collaboration and meetings tools like Webex Calling or Unified Communications, so you can conduct and coordinate the business of government effectively and easily.

Webex Meeting Center Info Sheet

Cisco Webex lets users join meetings on any major mobile device or video system, so you can hold regular meetings with anyone — regardless of their location. FirstLight can get you connected so you can focus on your business.

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FirstLight offers government secure, reliable, and real-time telecommunications.
FirstLight provides government with employee education and DNS tools that help prevent cyber-attacks.


Never become a victim of ransomware

You’ve read the headlines and heard the horror stories: Cities and agencies forced to shell out millions due to ransomware. We can provide you with employee education and DNS tools that help you prevent cyber-attacks before they can infect your systems and applications. We can also help set up and maintain a world-class cloud-based disaster recovery solution that will ensure that even if ransomware does happen, you have the tools to recover in just minutes.

A Government Guide to Preventing DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack can bring your government office to its knees. Without a way to detect or mitigate the attack you could be forced to pay to make it stop. Read our guide to understand, prevent & mitigate DDoS attacks.

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Safeguard Your Data

Your data is safe with us, both virtually and physically

Being in government means having to handle (and protect) terabytes and petabytes of data. Not to worry. Partnering with FirstLight enables you to back up your data onto our secure cloud – as well as physically store it within one of our fail-safe, ultra-redundant regional data centers. With your data now safely under wraps, you can focus your time on more important tasks.

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Our people live and work in the communities that you help govern, so when we’re helping you solve problems, we’re helping to make our corner of the world safer and stronger.

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