Manage your customers seamlessly – while minimizing costs

Customer service has always been a challenge. Now with more employees working remotely and often distributed across multiple locations, managing your staff’s time and resources adds a new dimension to the challenge. With our Cloud Contact Center, powered by Intermedia, and in partnership with Metaswitch, you can stay on top of your entire operation and manage your customer service like a pro – without the costs that come from maintaining in-house equipment.

FirstLight's Cloud Contact Center helps clients manage their customers seamlessly while minimizing costs.

Save Money and Time

Save your customers – and your call center agents – valuable time

FirstLight's Cloud Contact Center saves customers and call center agents valuable time.

Customer concerns are always important, but that doesn’t mean you should treat every customer call like a 911 emergency. By separating callers with critical needs from those with everyday regular questions, our Cloud Contact Center IVR lets your agents focus on the calls most important to your business – and provides regular customers with the answers they need without putting them on hold for minutes on end.  

An IVR application provides:  

  • Pre-recorded voice responses to guide a caller.  
  • Assistance to get the caller to where they want to be.  
  • Access to relevant information that callers are looking for.  

Omni-Channel Solutions

Provide great service across all channels

Gone are the days of a single toll-free number for everyone to call—SMS, e-mail and social media are the places your customers want to intersect with your team and FirstLight can help you pull it all together.  Instead of routing customer interactions to individual agents, InterMedia’s omni-channel Cloud Contact Center can group agents or employees into teams within each queue. This lets you route incoming customer calls to agents who are best prepared to answer those specific customer questions, while also factoring in customer priority.  

Top features include:  

  • Precise routing based on agent skill sets and competency levels
  • Seamless integration with at-home agents in contact flow
  • Adding “offline” staff and knowledge workers into contact center flows as needed
  • Leveraging powerful Enhanced IVR features
  • SMS, E-mail & Social Media Channels

Dynamic Notifications

Proactive communication can be the key to your success

Using the Dynamic Notification feature, clients can proactively send a variety of communications.

Following-up with your customers after a call or proactively reaching out can be just as crucial to your business as answering their inbound calls. Using our Dynamic Notification feature, you can send outbound voice, SMS and email notifications for upsell, collections, appointment scheduling, customer care surveys or collections, and more, depending on your industry.  

Top features include:  

  • Voice, SMS, and email capable  
  • Easy to use customizable and data-driven campaigns  
  • Buildable library of notification templates  
  • Appointment reminders with option to confirm or connect to an agent for rescheduling  
  • Tightly integrated with Contact Center features  
  • Live dashboard reporting on campaign status  
  • Ability to export reporting on completed campaigns  
  • Text-to-speech voice notifications in 6 “voices” with English, French, and Spanish options  
  • Highly scalable  

Agent Scheduling

Managing a contact center just got a little bit better.

As a contact center manager, it’s not only your job to have enough well-trained agents on hand to meet peak call volumes, but it’s also on you to guarantee the quality of the service they deliver. InterMedia’s Cloud Contact Center solution can provide your staff with the tools they need to meet – and outperform – your customers’ objectives.  

Top features include:  

  • Built-in Schedule Manager  
  • Integrate agent schedules and breaks  
  • Manage events, vacations and shift trades  
  • Monitor schedule adherence in real time  
  • Generate reports to track conformance  
  • Possibility to integrate with advanced forecasting solutions  
  • Integrated Quality Assurance and monitoring tools  
  • Call recording and screen recording capabilities  
  • Live monitor, whisper, barge-in features  
  • View agent chat logs  
  • Integration of custom evaluation grids  
  • Agent evaluation notifications for coaching  
  • Reporting and performance analysis features  
  • Real-time display with threshold alerts  
  • Real-time dashboards  
  • Detailed queue and agent statistics  
  • Scheduled reports  
  • Customized contact center reports  
The Cloud Contact Center solution can provide staff with the tools they need to meet and outperform customers’ objectives.

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