Few Internet providers can also claim they’re Internet pioneers. We can.

We’ve been developing Internet services throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic since 1999 with the same core values in mind: providing our customers with carrier-grade connection speeds, nonstop reliability, superior peering arrangements, and unflagging personalized service. See for yourself below.

Unmatched by Peers

Internet service designed to reach the exact, right destination.

FirstLight Internet transit is backed by a combination of Tier 1 provider connections and hundreds or private peering connections.

Our Internet transit is backed by a combination of Tier 1 provider connections and hundreds of private peering connections running throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. The net effect? We reduce your hop counts, which improve your overall user experience. In fact, 50% of our Internet traffic is directly connected to its ultimate destination, cutting down on latency and speeding up response time.


DDoS Protection – Integrated

The best Internet connectivity is useless if you’ve been hit with a debilitating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.


High Uptime

High uptime, guaranteed. No matter what.

To ensure high uptime, our IP network employs redundant equipment, connections, and power supplies. Our IP network is deployed regionally in a ring architecture with each region capable of operating independently of any other. Internet traffic is routed over our fiber network with the ultimate survivability of two separate meshed core networks, allowing for no single point of failure within that core. What all this means is that your Internet connection stays up and your business remains ‘open for business’.

FirstLight has local technicians in each of its markets to rapidly find, fix, and finish any challenge.

Local Support

Whatever issue you’re facing, help is always on the way. 24/7.

Local technicians in each of our markets – and round-the-clock, real-time monitoring from our Customer Repair Center – ensure that we can rapidly find, fix, and finish any challenge you’re facing, no matter where or when.

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