Take holistic control of your wide area network

When you get SD-WAN service from FirstLight, you get more than just another point solution. Our offering incorporates Cisco Technology, a deep bench of Cisco/SD-WAN experts and support technicians, and a carrier-grade fiber network with low-latency and high resiliency that provides you with everything you need to custom-protect your organization – and best meet your changing business challenges.


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FirstLight's SD-WAN service brings the benefits of a smarter network without the stress and hassle that go with developing in-house WAN solutions.

Simplify WAN

Simplify your SD-WAN development and deployment

Built on a Cisco architecture and delivered as a service, our SD-WAN service lets you enjoy all the benefits of a smarter network without the stress and hassle that often go together with developing complicated, in-house WAN solutions.


Maine Family Planning Case Study

See how Maine Family Planning leveraged FirstLight SD-WAN to create a more seamless IT experience across several locations.


Like elastic waist bands, SD-WAN Foundation is a solution that stretches to fit businesses big and small

We understand your organization isn’t like anyone else’s, but FirstLight’s managed SD-WAN solution is unique in its ability to suit your businesses specific requirements.

SD-WAN Overview

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile and traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures can’t keep up due to security challenges and increased complexity.


SD-Wan Foundation

FirstLight’s SD-WAN Foundation solution is ideal for businesses of any size looking to make their branch services faster to deploy and easier to maintain while ensuring maximum application performance and security.


Whenever you need help, we’re at the ready

With Network Assurance, our team of experts can work alongside your IT staff to design, implement, and operate your SD-WAN solution in a way that ensures your peace of mind.

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Check out our SD-WAN white paper series:

SD-WAN for Education

When you partner with us, we’ll help guard your network from trojans, malware, ransomware, or other cyber-attacks.

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SD-WAN for Finance

The world of finance is teeming with valuable data – and it’s your never-ending task to keep it secure. We can help.

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SD-WAN for Government

Take control of your government organization’s wide area network. We provide everything you need to custom-protect your network to best meet ongoing challenges.

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SD-WAN for Healthcare

Threats like ransomware, DDoS attacks and network breaches are on the rise in healthcare. We can help you deal with these threats.

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25,000+ miles of superior network connectivity

Even the best SD-WAN solutions are only as good as the networks they run on. Luckily, we solved that problem long ago: We deliver SD-WAN service using our own performance-oriented fiber optic network—and no one else’s. The net result? We minimize your downtime and latency and vastly increase your solution benefits.  

FirstLight delivers SD-WAN service using its performance-oriented fiber optic network.

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