Be Prepared for the Worst-case Scenario

Communication and security are arguably the most important components of success for an organization, and time is of the essence when it comes to both. InformaCast, a powerful mass communication tool from Singlewire Software®, accentuates these components by pushing out important notifications to mobile and on-premises devices. With InformaCast, not a second is spared when an emergency arises. Reach all desired users quickly, easily and with urgency.
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Detect Threats. Notify Everyone. Manage Incidents.


Whether it’s severe weather, intruders, or a fire, InformaCast gives you the power to distribute mass notifications to your workforce during a crisis.

  • One Touch Activation – Set up one-touch activation and automated alerts to deliver notifications the moment an issue arises.
  • Alerts – Deploy intrusive audio, text, and visual alerts throughout your building and to mobile devices so no one misses a message.
  • Reporting – Leverage a complete toolset to enhance your emergency response with real-time insights, safety resources, and reporting.
Hazardous Material Spill

Notify resources and integrate with fire alarms, temperature sensors and sprinklers when accidents happen and spills occur.

Building Lockdown

Keep your users informed when there is a safety threat on site.

Severe Weather Alerts

Alert users about severe weather conditions and proactively prepare for potential impact.

911 Alerting System

Monitor, record and alert authorities for a quick and potentially lifesaving response.

Paging and Intercom

Utilize intrusive audio paging, ad hoc audio, two-way handsfree intercom and push-to-talk functionalities with Cisco phones and IP speakers.

School Bells Alert System

Take the burden off your faculty and staff with prerecorded school bells for class changes, break reminders, and more.