Cloud computing is simple with FirstLight

We offer you a secure, compliant VMware cloud solution that can handle even the most demanding needs. We create a secure, private virtual data center that comes pre-built with all the benefits of virtualization – and none of the hassle or cost that comes with designing, managing or supporting it on your own. Whether you need to lower your IT expenditures, ramp up your storage capacity, create more flexibility, or improve your performance, our managed infrastructure provides your business with ultimate peace of mind.

IaaS Sell Sheet

FirstLight has made moving to the cloud easy. With FirstLight’s Advanced Cloud package, all of the services necessary for a successful cloud deployment are included.

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Uptime and Performance

Maximum uptime and high-performance storage

If leading SLAs and highly available storage architecture are your kinds of things, then you’re looking at the right partner.

FirstLight offers maximum uptime and high-performance storage.

Fast and Easy

Power and speed – coupled with easy migration

With FirstLight, you’ll get all the cloud computing performance and resiliency you’d expected from a robust cloud and data center provider–except with the bonus of having our cloud sites in your backyard.  Not to mention we happen to also own and operate a low-latency fiber network that uniquely gives us a leg up on the competition when it comes to providing end-to-end quality. And when it comes to migrating to the cloud, our local support teams can help you every step of the way.  

FirstLight couples power and speed with easy migration.
FirstLight offers foolproof data center protection anchored by an expert support team.

Industry-Leading Data Centers

Foolproof data center protection – anchored by a support team that won’t let you fail

A team of experts that always have your back and the peace of mind in knowing your data is safe within one of our ultra-modern data centers and cloud sites—that’s our idea of a better cloud.

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