Wherever work happens, security needs to happen there too

Giving your users the ability to work safely from anywhere is key to embracing the hybrid work movement. A dispersed workforce however presents many challenges and often leads to gaps in security or inconsistent application of IT policy. With FirstLight Cloud Security solutions, powered by Cisco Umbrella, you’ll have the most advanced threat intelligence and reliable security tools to better protect your users from cyber threats, regardless of their location.

FirstLight's DNS Protection, powered by Cisco Umbrella, uses core Internet infrastructure to protect users from cyber threats.

DNS Protection

A first line of defense that leaves bad guys phishing elsewhere

Powered by Cisco Umbrella, and supported by Cisco Talos, one of the world’s largest commercial threat teams, FirstLight Cloud Security’s DNS Protection shields from cyber-hazards including malware, trojans, crypto -mining, phishing, ransomware and botnet command and control. Protect your devices both on and off the network using DNS to block malicious activity early on. Consider DNS Protection as your first line of defense.

Secure Internet Gateway

Take your protection and security to the next level

Consolidate your security features and get a more granular view of your network and security with the Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) package of FirstLight’s Cloud Security. Powered by Cisco Umbrella, proxy and inspect all web traffic and filter the web by domain, URL, or category. Protect your users from cyber-attacks and detect threats at a higher rate than competitor’s solutions.


Security that is easy to deploy – and easy to grow with

Our FirstLight Cloud solution is easy to deploy, affording you protection in just a few minutes with only a one-setting change. It’s also easy to switch between on- and off-network coverage and is highly scalable. Protect your users on and off the network without ever restricting your growth.

FirstLight's DNS Protection is easy to deploy and switch between on- and off-network coverage.

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