Keeping pace with technology evolution, increased security threats and digital transformation has never been more challenging.

FirstLight’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including our low-latency fiber network, data centers, cloud computing, unified communications, and managed IT & network services, are all part of an overall solution that takes the burden off your shoulders and gets you back to where you should be, focused on driving your organization forward.

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Meraki Security Solutions With FirstLight & Cisco

Join FirstLight and Cisco on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 from 10:00 am – 11:00am EST
All registrants will be mailed a security-themed gift worth $50!

Securing data, networks, and infrastructure is likely foremost on the minds of your customers. Hear from the experts at FirstLight and Cisco on the myriad Meraki security solutions available today.


New 9-8-8 Hotline Will Require 10-Digit Dialing in New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York

Starting April 24th, callers in New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of New York will start using 10-digit local calling including area code and phone number.


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High-quality, scalable communications solutions specifically designed to support your needs.


Our own low-latency fiber optic network serves customers throughout the Northeast.


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“The fact that FirstLight has built such an advanced and robust IP core in the Northeast is one of the main reasons that we chose to work with them. By aligning with FirstLight, we help bring a wider, more advanced set of services to Maine businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively in the global economy.”— Maine Fiber Company

“We have been working with FirstLight since 2012, and have found the company to be an exceptional technology partner and provider for SymQuest.”— SymQuest Group, Inc.

“Ultimately, we chose FirstLight for not only its extensive network footprint, but for the quality of its services and the local, small-town feel the FirstLight team extends to each of its customers.”— SymQuest Group, Inc.

“Connectivity is the livelihood for businesses in our region, and we put a lot of trust in FirstLight to help SymQuest deliver the best services.”— SymQuest Group, Inc.

“With FirstLight’s vPBX service, our phone numbers stayed the same, voicemail stayed the same, and the entire implementation was smooth. This is a huge win for CDChoices and our consumers.”— Consumer Directed Choices

“We engaged in a consultative relationship with FirstLight to help monetize its network with a robust, flexible and programmable infrastructure that delivers a new set of services that are in demand in Upstate New York and Northern New England.”— Ciena

“FirstLight is all about reliability, reliability and reliability, as well as the speed and ability to grow with us as our data needs increase over time.”— Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP

“As a business law firm, we are constantly on the go and depend on reliability and speed when it comes to technology – and FirstLight Fiber delivers on that.”— Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP

“We could not be more pleased with our decision to migrate from copper to fiber with FirstLight for our internet and networking needs.”— Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP

“FirstLight’s general service, tech support and its installation services have been nothing short of top notch, we couldn’t ask for a better service provider for our data needs!”— Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP

“All of our needs were met quickly and completely by the FirstLight team; making this upgrade seamless.”— AMRI

“With FirstLight’s help, we were able to once again enhance our network’s capacity and reliability.”— AMRI

“Because of its responsiveness and adaptability to our needs, FirstLight has been a trusted partner to AMRI for more than a decade.”— AMRI

“We have worked with FirstLight [through the former TelJet] for several years, and in our pursuit to increase our capabilities into the US, syncing up with an independent carrier operating in Northern New England, like FirstLight, was a natural fit.”— Fibrenoire

“Our relationship with FirstLight allows us to leverage our combined strengths to provide our MEF 2.0 compliant Carrier Ethernet services to businesses requiring connectivity between the two countries.”— Fibrenoire

“Having already been a customer of FirstLight for the past several years, and based on our positive experience with the exceptional service and personalized attention we received, choosing FirstLight was an easy decision.”— Vermont Hard Cider Company

“By offering scalable services designed to accommodate growing bandwidth needs, FirstLight has been a key player in our transition, and the connection between our existing and new facilities has been seamless.”— Vermont Hard Cider Company

“With FirstLight’s Ethernet service, provisioned over FirstLight’s own fiber optic network, SRPC is operating more efficiently.”— SRPC Medical Imaging

“What used to take 15 minutes has now decreased to just 2-3 minutes, allowing SRPC to do more readings, and the connectivity between our offices and external work stations is instantaneous, so our doctors can be anywhere and easily access the images they need.”— SRPC Medical Imaging

“The local, personalized and prompt service we have received from FirstLight has been exceptional.”— SRPC Medical Imaging

“Switching from copper to fiber-based services has saved us time and money, and as our data needs increase, our network is now at a point where it’s easily upgradable to higher bandwidth.”— SRPC Medical Imaging

“Through the university’s connection to FirstLight and its fiber portfolio, we have created many opportunities for our research and education partners to obtain high speed connectivity throughout this region.”— University of Vermont

“Through FirstLight, we can offer more bandwidth and greater reliability to our community.”— University of Vermont

“Fiber networks serve as a gateway to the rest of the world, and because of FirstLight’s team and network, we can consider the next phase of connectivity for the entire State of Vermont, which includes VT UCAN, the Vermont Unified Community Anchor Network.”— University of Vermont

“The infrastructure, the quality and the speed we are observing now is vastly improved in comparison to our previous connection. ”— Hudson Valley Community College

“FirstLight offers consistent, reliable connectivity, competitive pricing and great localized customer service and technical support. ”— Mount Sunapee Resort

“One of the reasons we selected FirstLight was because they understood our needs and could offer the level of diversity that our former provider could not.”— Bowl New England

“While upgrading our Internet bandwidth from 20 Mbps. to 100 Mbps., we took the opportunity to consolidate our Internet and voice services with FirstLight, which helped us to achieve further cost savings, and allows our IT department the convenience of working with just one local, dependable vendor.”— Mount Sunapee

“The whole experience with FirstLight has been a very positive one, and I would recommend their services to other institutions.”— Hudson Valley Community College

“This transaction provides us the resources necessary to enable continued growth and innovation. The G4 staff looks forward to joining FirstLight and continuing to provide the same locally-based, high quality service and support that our customers have come to expect.”— G4 Communications

“FirstLight delivers a service that is fast and reliable. Our Internet and phone services are our main point of contact for operations, and it is critical that we have optimal connectivity.”— The Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

“When the need for bandwidth increased, FirstLight was the communications provider best suited to meet our needs, and more importantly, our budget.”— Holderness School

“FirstLight has been extremely helpful during our transition, and I continue to be impressed with the service and professionalism of its team.”— Holderness School

“Two of our primary needs were a solid, high speed Internet connection and a resilient core backbone; FirstLight delivered on both.”— hopTo

“With FirstLight having fiber nearby and its ability to minimize technical headaches while migrating from copper to fiber easily won our business – hands down.”— Laconia Harley-Davidson

“To facilitate the efficient movement of data throughout our network, we needed strong reliability and symmetrical data speeds, and it was the logical choice to have FirstLight take the lead.”— Laconia Harley-Davidson

“Having a strong working relationship with FirstLight enables us to leverage FirstLight’s impressive fiber network throughout the Capital Region.”— One Connect

“Throughout our relationship, FirstLight has proven its ability to deliver reliable services to customers in remarkably fast timeframes.”— One Connect

“With FirstLight, we have more bandwidth, better service and superior reliability – all for a cost that fits within our budget.”— ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

“Each day, our schools require more and more bandwidth, and we needed a network solution that could keep pace. ”— Laconia School District

“FirstLight stood out among all of the potential vendors we reviewed for enabling the bandwidth expansions that we will inevitably need down the road, while also offering the high quality, localized customer service and support we need today”— Laconia School District

“We serve approximately 2,000 students and part of ensuring their educational success is having reliable, high speed Internet from a provider upon whom we can rely and trust”— Laconia School District

“We chose FirstLight because it promises a reliable service paired with competitive pricing along with outstanding support. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with the FirstLight team.”— Colby-Sawyer College

“For more than a decade, we’ve been highly satisfied with FirstLight’s fiber-based services.”— Derry Medical Center

“When the time came for a network upgrade, FirstLight was the obvious choice for ensuring excellent, high speed services, backed by always-attentive, personalized customer support.”— Derry Medical Center

“As we continue along an unprecedented growth trajectory, we’re extremely enthusiastic about what FirstLight can offer to our Sales Partners and their customers in the East Region.”— Intelisys

“FirstLight’s expansive fiber optic network presents new and exciting opportunities for our agents, and provides a meaningful alternative for local loops in New York and Northern New England. ”— Intelisys

“FirstLight brings a stellar solution set to our Supplier Partner portfolio, and we look forward to a strong partnership.”— Intelisys

“In our search for a provider who could offer redundant and diverse access to the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in New Hampshire, and convenient interconnection to the other service providers in the marketplace, we found that FirstLight was the only company equipped to meet all of these requirements”— INdigital

“Until FirstLight extended their fiber network to our campus, we had only one viable option for Internet service. Now we have more bandwidth, increased reliability and a partnership with FirstLight to keep our costs down and our student, faculty and staff satisfaction up!”— SUNY Oneonta

“FirstLight’s state-of-the-art network and data center facilities, as well as its regional expertise, provide us with reliable and secure services that we know our healthcare providers can depend on.”— New England Healthcare Consortium

“When it came to upgrading our IT infrastructure, security, and Voice over IP services, FirstLight easily met our requirements.”— Convenient MD

“The company is locally based, we can easily get to FirstLight’s data center when needed, and the customer service has been exceptional.”— Convenient MD

“We are incredibly happy with our new relationship with FirstLight and have already noticed a measurable improvement in call quality.”— RE Prescott

“We are a family business, and our contacts at FirstLight fit right into that company culture with a dedicated, locally-based staff that was focused on learning about our unique needs and identifying solutions that meet them.”— RE Prescott

“We needed to find a company that would deliver on their promises, and we were quite pleased when we discovered FirstLight.”— Eyesight Ophthalmic Services

“Since working with FirstLight, even in severe weather... we never lost our Internet or phone lines, and any issues or questions we had were addressed immediately. That’s something we couldn’t say about any other provider we’ve worked with.”— Eyesight Ophthalmic Services

“With our business model, it is essential to have Internet and voice services that ensure both speed and security, and I find FirstLight has far exceeded these requirements and has proven itself superior to its competitors.”— Jim Martinez, President, Tri State Area FCU

“Partnering with FirstLight allows us to provide lightning fast connectivity for a sophisticated and savvy membership that is coming to us from all over New York. It’s also a powerful marketing tool as we look to build.”— Bull Moose Club