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Whether it’s running expensive, in-house data centers or relying on a hodgepodge of different IT strategies to protect against hackers, colleges and universities often struggle with solutions that are largely outdated and impractical. By choosing to work with FirstLight, you can upgrade your campus’s connectivity, cloud storage, disaster recovery solutions, and more – all while being cost-effective.

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Relocating Your Campus Data Center

Moving your data center off campus? We can help.

Running your own on-campus data center can be capital-intensive – and can also take up valuable real estate that you could otherwise use for more classrooms and extra lab space. By working with FirstLight, you can relocate your data to a well-protected, off-campus data center – and still have high-performance networking. Meanwhile, your staff are freed up to focus on mission-critical jobs, and not having to repair or replace gear every few years.

FirstLight can relocate data from on-campus data centers to well-protected, off-campus data centers and still have high-performance networking.

Planning for the Future

Future-proof your network by connecting it with ours

FirstLight provides cloud connectivity from a single source, something no other provider in the region can do.

We provide cloud connectivity from a single source – no point solutions necessary and end-to-end quality guaranteed – something no other provider in the region can do. We have 25,000+ miles of future-proof fiber, and we’re not afraid to use it to ensure you find the necessary routes and pathways to create a redundant network between your institution and our data centers, cloud providers and the Internet. Just say the word, and we’ll have our construction professionals building new connections to your college campus.

Holistic Protection against Cyber-Attacks

Holistic, campus-wide protection against cyber-attacks

When you partner with us, you’ll no longer need to rely on patchwork solutions from different companies to guard your network from trojans, malware, ransomware, or other cyber-attacks. You’ll benefit from working with a holistic provider that can support you with cloud-based data backup, cloud-based disaster recovery, and all the other necessary tools to regain your footing almost instantly from ransomware attacks.

FirstLight provides holistic, campus-wide protection against cyber-attacks.

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