Our award-winning fiber network offers your organization more.

Why FirstLight?

Because you shouldn’t have to settle.

What some providers consider their “royal treatment” is what comes standard from FirstLight, including dedicated bandwidth, symmetrical connection speeds, low latency, high capacity and unique routes. We’re an award-winning regional provider with one of the largest and densest footprints in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, and we’re ready to show you why.


The future of your IT looks bright.

Whether you’re a large enterprise, mid-sized business, carrier, or content provider, our network provides a range of solutions to bring your IT strategy to life. Internet, Private Line, Dark Fiber, and SD-WAN are just a few of the ways FirstLight can help position your company for success now and for years to come. Your “future organization” will thank itself.

Low Latency

You can count on us.

Our lit services offer nonstop, reliable communication with ultra-low packet loss, latency, and jitter. How do we know? Because we built the network ourselves. We own and operate it, too.

Get Up to Speed on Latency

What is latency and why does it matter? Our Executive Briefing explains it all.


High Capacity

No growing pains here.

WSKG Case Study

Learn how Binghamton, NY-based public radio station WSKG leveraged FirstLight’s network services to improve efficiency, visibility and security.


Network capacity matters. Lucky for you (and us), the FirstLight network was built with that in mind. Our high-capacity fiber optic network can scale with your business, ensuring seamless communication and adaptation to evolving technological demands without bottlenecks or slowdowns.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Sharing isn’t always good.

Never share your bandwidth with other businesses. You should only accept full-rate capacity as specified for both upstream and downstream; that’s the kind of service you’ll always get from us.


Maine Family Planning Case Study

See how Maine Family Planning leveraged FirstLight SD-WAN to create a more seamless IT experience across several locations.


Symmetrical Connections

The same speed, up and down.

Symmetrical bandwidth ensures balanced speeds for smooth communication and efficient data handling. We believe this should be the norm, so it is. It comes standard with all our connectivity solutions.

Local Support

We’re locally managed and operated.

That means if you’re in the Northeast or mid-Atlantic, we’re not just a phone call away, we’re footsteps away. Maintenance and repairs are coordinated directly from multiple Network Operations/Support Centers throughout our region. No tricks, gimmicks, or overseas support.


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