Here’s what using our network to connect to the cloud gets you

Cloud deployments are only as good as the networks they’re connected to – and the teams who oversee them. And that’s where we outperform our competitors by multiples. We believe your cloud-based applications should be supported by a high-performance fiber network.  And whether you’re leveraging FirstLight’s cloud sites or a hyperscale cloud provider like AWS or Azure, the network that supports your cloud deployment should be able to scale to keep pace with your fast-changing needs.

Cloud Overview

The FirstLight cloud provides a secure, geographically redundant and high-availability environment for servers, storage, backup and recovery and disaster recovery.

FirstLight offers a 24,000-mile, synchronous low-latency fiber network.

Fast fiber

Get your business off to a 25,000-mile running start

Plug into our own 25,000-mile, synchronous low-latency fiber network and get your business off to a fast jumpstart. Did we mention we’ve been rated as one of the fastest networks of its size in America by Broadband Now? Because we have been.

Secure Connectivity

“Secure connectivity” are words we live by

Whether your provider happens to be Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, public, private, or a hybrid combination, we provide you with secure, low-latency cloud connectivity. And just to throw in some extra precaution, we operate our own secure, redundant cloud that will make it seem like your applications are hosted locally.  

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Need help connecting your cloud? Leave the job to us.

Our skilled experts will walk you through the process of connecting to the cloud, whatever path you choose. With 20 years of experience as a provider, we’ll show you the ins and outs of connectivity — and help you connect to the cloud in a way that works best for you. 

Downloads & Resources

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Cloud Connectivity

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