Point-to-point private communications, secured

Some providers design their network to maximize their profit. We design our network to maximize performance. We’re well known in the industry for having some of the lowest-latency routes for private line service – and those who know the real importance of network design recognize the difference. Our ELINE and ELAN solutions bring you ultra-fast speed, guaranteed quality of service, and scalable wire-speed encryption for end-to-end data protection. Whether you need site-to-site or multisite connections, we place your geographically separate locations under one virtual roof.

FirstLight offers secure, point-to-point private communications.
FirstLight offers flexible private line services to scale services up or down.

Flexible and Scalable

Whatever scale you go by, we can match it, cable for cable

Our private line services come with the same flexibility that’s throughout our 25,000+ miles of carrier-grade, low-latency, highly resilient fiber optic network. We can scale our services up or down, depending on your custom needs.  

Encrytped Wavelength

Layer 1 encryption without compromise

FirstLight's Encrypted Wavelength encrypts data at the transport layer, protecting in-flight data at layer 1.

With some solutions you can have security or performance. With FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength, you can have both. While many in-flight data encryption solutions only encrypt data at layer 2 or higher, our Encrypted Wavelength solution encrypts data at the transport layer, protecting all your in-flight data at layer 1 all the time.


Get best-in-class security with SD-WAN

Looking for the next best thing in managing your network?  FirstLight’s SD-WAN solution can be built on top of our private line services to give you the ultimate in management and security.

FirstLight offers best-in-class security with SD-WAN.

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