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At FirstLight, we resell and supply a full catalogue of hardware and software for all your network, collaboration, data center, security, and monitoring needs. As a leading regional provider for over 20 years, we’ve developed numerous partnerships with best-in-breed distribution providers and technology vendors, so you can buy the technology that matches your own, exact preferences.  And should you need us, we also have an in-house team of engineers with the know-how and aptitude to help you implement and manage it all.

FirstLight resells and supplies a full catalogue of hardware and software for all network, collaboration, data center, security and monitoring needs.

All the Tools and Equipment Available

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Proven Track-Record

A lot of different industries seem to agree on one thing…

We could keep listing every reason that we’re the best regional provider for companies in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. But sometimes it’s better to just hear it from our customers.

FirstLight offers consistent, reliable connectivity, competitive pricing and great localized customer service and technical support.
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