Everything you need to augment your data center

If you’re looking to fine-tune your data center storage capabilities, we carry everything from server and storage equipment to core routing and firewalls, to VMWare and other data center software. We also offer unbeatable Engineering Service Agreements if you need extra help.

FirstLight helps clients fine-tune data storage capabilities.

Server/Storage Equipment

High-capacity, high-performing server and storage switching

At FirstLight, we can hook you up with state-of-the-art server and storage equipment that matches your needs. What’s more, our team of experts are at the ready if you need help with implementation or ongoing management—not to mention we have plenty of data centers that can be a current or future home for your infrastructure.   

Core Routing/Firewall

Core routing and firewalls

No data center can be safely counted as “everything-proof” without having strong core routing and firewall capabilities, but not to worry. We sell and provide a who’s-who list of core routing and next-generation firewall solutions, so you can fortify your data center from every possible side. As always, FirstLight’s seasoned team of experts is ready to help you with training, setup, and management. Just say the good word.

FirstLight sells and provides a variety of core routing and next-generation firewall solutions.

VMWare/Other Software

VMWare and other data center-related software

As a VMWare partner and with our own expertise in building public and private clouds, our team can help provide the licensing you need to optimize your public or hybrid cloud deployments.

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