Get the most out of your cloud

The sheer amount of data needed to run your organization continues to grow exponentially – while the costs and upkeep time required to manage an in-house cloud aren’t decreasing. By migrating your data onto our cloud, you can reduce data storage costs while protecting your data from all possible threats – whether virtual or physical.

Cloud Services Enhancements

Learn more about how we’re making our cloud services even better!

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Data Centers and Colocation Overview

Get data center, colocation, and cloud services the way you want them. Whatever your data center/cloud needs are, we can accommodate.

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Insider Protection Page

Add Insider Protection to enhance your fight against Ransomware and defend against internal and external threats to your backup data.

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Keep Everything Stored in the Cloud

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Proven Track-Record

A lot of different organizations seem to agree on one thing…

We could keep listing every reason we’re the best regional network for organizations in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. But sometimes it’s better to just hear it from our customers themselves.

With its experience, expertise, and capabilities, FirstLight compliments the work we have already done to build and expand innovative connectivity solutions.
RTO Wireless

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