Performance & Reliability

You don’t have to care about the details, like the unique and diverse pathways our fiber network travels, or the way we’ve designed our network to be faster and more resilient. At FirstLight, we care about those things so that you don’t have to. What you likely do want to be sure of is that your service is backed by a company that can deliver on its promises and in that, FirstLight has you covered.

  • Net Promoter Score nearly 2X industry average
  • 100% US-based support, 24×7
  • Industry-leading SLA


We’ll help you choose the right options to meet your needs today, and we’ll be prepared to support you if your needs change in the future:

  • Up to 400Gbps dedicated bandwidth
  • Flexible network topologies – single or multiple waves
  • Low-latency, unique routes available
  • Allows specification protocols
  • Industry-leading SLA


Maximizing uptime while minimizing costs is a must for all businesses today. That is why more businesses are turning to high transport solutions that enable their operations to thrive in the digital age.



Encryption without the performance hit? Yes please. FirstLight’s encrypted wavelength provides a layer 1, FIPS-compliant secure connection that minimizes capacity lost to encryption while also reducing complexity. It’s the “you can have your cake and eat it too” of secure wavelength solutions.

Encrypted Wavelength

No organization is immune to the threat of sensitive and private information being pilfered by hackers. Today’s network requires much more than high-capacity bandwidth – it needs a security strategy to protect critical data in flight.

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