Why choose dark fiber?

When it comes to control, scale, customization, and cost stability, dark fiber can be an appropriate solution. If your company’s already a global or regional powerhouse – or it’s well on the way to becoming one – we can design and implement a dark fiber network that offers virtually unlimited bandwidth you need to fuel your growth even further, and as you see fit.

What is Dark Fiber?

Dark fiber refers to optical fiber infrastructure that is currently in place but unused or unlit. Learn more about the benefits of using it.

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Flexible bandwidth that matches your fast-growing needs

With the power and flexibility of dark fiber, you can implement the network that best suits your organization’s growing needs. Every aspect of bandwidth management is under your governance, letting you scale your bandwidth without having to coordinate with a third party provider – or depend on someone else’s leased circuit. If you’re in a line of work that requires rapid expansion of its network capacity, we can readily support you with the level of flexibility necessary to meet all your growing pains.

FirstLight supports organizations with rapid expansion of network capacity.
FirstLight provides low-latency, high-quality fiber optic networks and can include route and physical diversity to avoid disruptions or downtime.

Dark Fiber Features and Benefits

A dark fiber network that doesn’t come with any glitches

When you partner with FirstLight to build your dark fiber network, you know what you’re getting: a low-latency, high-quality fiber optic network with the ability to include route and physical diversity to help you avoid disruptions or downtime. Even better still? We own and operate the whole network right here in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic – 25,000+ miles of it, to be more precise.

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Get More Information on Dark Fiber

If you’re looking for the ideal provider for dark fiber in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, you’ve found it. Contact our team today and we can decide on a dark fiber solution that best suits you.

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