Being unique keeps things interesting. In our case, it also keeps things moving.

Diverse fiber with ample capacity is increasingly difficult to find in the Northeast – and doesn’t always meet the stringent requirements enterprises and hyperscalers demand. FirstLight offers multiple unique routes across the region to add bandwidth, bolster resiliency and establish redundancy.
View options in the map below, and click on each route to learn about the specific features and available bandwidth.

1 Check availability, some routes may only be available for lit or dark fiber services. 

2 Available on the following routes: Lynn Landing to Boston, Boston to Albany, Cumulus Data Center Berwick, PA and Albany to NYC

We have custom-built routes available that allow you to:

  • Add true route-based redundancy
  • Increase your geographic diversity
  • Mitigate risk from unexpected events

Offering distinct advantages like:

  • 100G speeds
  • IEEE’s G.652.D-compliant glass
  • Lit and dark options

Reading Materials

Learn More About Our Diverse Routes

Route Diversity Info Sheet

Geographically diverse routes are key to a resilient network. Add reliability & grow your network with FirstLight’s wholesale routes in the Northeastern U.S. & Canada.


Aqua Comms Partnership

We’re not all talk. Read about why Aqua Comms recently partnered with FirstLight for our unique fiber routes.


Montreal Diversity Route

Add reliability and grow your network without a detour to Albany with FirstLight’s geo-diverse route.


Lynn Landing

Add reliability and grow your network with FirstLight’s geo-diverse wholesale cable landing station routes.


Albany to NYC

Add reliability and grow your network with FirstLight’s unique geo-diverse Albany to NYC route.


Boston to Albany

Add reliability and grow your network with FirstLight’s purpose-built route, engineered to be geodiverse from other alternatives.


Boston to Halifax

Offers low latency and true geodiversity so you can enhance reliability and grow your network with FirstLight’s unique route.


Berwick Route

Add reliability as you grow your network with FirstLight’s geodiverse routes to major east coast cities.


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When you’re ready to manage your own network, FirstLight has the routes you need where you need them.

Our Network

Our routes are interconnected to our robust network of 650 central offices and give you access to over 25,000 fiber route miles.

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