Future-proof your financial institution

Banking and finance require levels of speed, security, and privacy – not to mention always-on connectivity – like few other industries on Earth. Whether you’re looking to enhance your network’s speed and resiliency, eliminate any threat of network downtime, improve your inter-office collaboration and communications, or future-proof your data security both virtually and physically, we can help you set up, manage, and optimize the right configurations and tools you need for long-run success.

FirstLight's network offers the finance industry speed and reliability.

Carrier-Fast Network

Transmit your data at carrier-grade speeds

In a fast-moving industry like finance, where a difference in milliseconds can result in a massive difference in money gained or lost, transmitting data at speed is a must. Using our scalable, low-latency, fiber network lets you send and receive data at the speed of light. What’s more, our network can help connect your organization to our cloud, data centers or hyperscale providers like AWS or Azure—providing the kind of reliability and speed needed for the complexity of a multi-cloud approach to IT.

Always-On Connectivity

You’ve got zero time for downtime.
We’ll keep it that way.

Try imagining your online banking system going dark for even one second… You can’t. Round-the-clock, real-time connectivity to banking and financial applications means having a resilient, foolproof, always-on network to ensure that happens. Which is why partnering with FirstLight is a smart decision. And we don’t stop at the network. Our cloud computing sites, diverse routing, backup and disaster recovery services, and highly redundant data centers ensure your financial information and critical infrastructure won’t go dark on you.


Collaborate seamlessly between office floors
– or opposite coasts

In a world where financial sales and support teams are widely dispersed, the ability to collaborate with your peers in real time – as well as coordinate seamless meetings across states or across continents – is essential. Not only can we set you up with best-in-class Voice, Video, and Meetings tools to meet these challenges, but we can also walk you through the ins and outs of complex setups and long-term maintenance.


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Prevent Network Breaches

Keep data flowing without allowing for breaches

As a banker or financial advisor, you’re aware of the importance of transmitting a customer’s data both rapidly and securely. Any breach of privacy can compromise your client’s personal and financial details – and cost you dearly in reputation. FirstLight’s Encrypted Wavelength solution enables low-latency, always-on encryption, letting you transmit in-flight customer data at unmatched speed – while still operating under the strictest safety protocols.

Safeguard Your Data

We keep your data under lock, key, and next-gen firewall

The world of finance is teeming with valuable data – and it’s your never-ending task to keep it secure. Part of the value of doing business with FirstLight is the sheer level of security you get. Not only do we protect your data from virtual attack with our industry-leading firewall solutions, but we also keep it physically safe, storing it in one (or more) of our regional data centers or cloud sites, some of which were originally intended as NATO command bunkers. With that amount of next-gen, always-on security working on your behalf, you can go about your day knowing your data is fully protected.

FirstLight's security protects financial data from virtual attacks and keeps it physically safe in regional data centers or cloud sites.

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