You’ve got a lot going on. We’ll help you manage it.

Partnering with FirstLight means no longer managing multiple vendor relationships. FirstLight offers fully managed solutions from one team of certified experts that handles your most critical IT infrastructure with care.

Prioritize your organization’s security

We know your IT team has a long list of priorities and likely feels spread too thin, but with a growing number of security threats, it’s imperative that your organization’s security remains a top priority.

FirstLight has you covered. Among many security offerings, FirstLight’s Managed Firewall defends your network with traffic inspection, intrusion prevention, and access control. We will design, implement, and operate your firewall, offering ongoing support, software upgrades, hardware replacement, and more.

Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall solution allows your organization to easily control applications, enable compliance, and defend against the latest security threats.

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Managed Wi-Fi

In today’s digital age, keeping your workforce connected is critical. Employees with Wi-Fi access on their devices are more accessible, more engaged, and statistically proven to have greater job satisfaction.


With a good wireless connection comes productivity

Keep your employees connected and productive with FirstLight’s Managed Wi-Fi. Managing uptime and adequate wireless Internet coverage can be tricky. Take the burden off your team by offloading the management and upkeep of your wi-fi network to our team of experts. Additionally, with large offices and multiple access points, FirstLight’s Managed Wi-Fi centralizes your visibility and analytics.

Make network management easier

Ever have trouble visualizing and managing your network? FirstLight’s Managed Access solution can help. Powered by Cisco Meraki, FirstLight offers solutions that include basic layer 2 to high-performance layer 3 switches, accommodating switches suitable for deployments of all sizes. Improve performance without taking on more work. Leave the design, configuration, implementation, and ongoing support to us.

Managed Access

FirstLight’s Managed Access solutions can improve network performance and make network management faster and easier for organizations of all sizes, all while remaining secure.

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Engineering Services Agreement

How quickly can you respond to an outage? An Engineering Services Agreement (ESA) with FirstLight provides critical support and operational expertise to help your team enable your business goals.

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Have a unique need? We’ve got you covered there, too.

If your need is unique, FirstLight can design a plan to address it. FirstLight’s wide depth of technology experts can be your experts with an Engineering Services Agreement (ESA). Leverage FirstLight’s experts for anything from periodic bug fixes, to software upgrades, to hardware installation, or an ongoing extra set of hands. Let us know what your team needs and we’ll become your solution.

Enough from us, hear about how Managed Services can work to your advantage from some satisfied FirstLight customers:


Maine Family Planning Case Study

See how Maine Family Planning leveraged FirstLight SD-WAN to create a more seamless IT experience across several locations.


Transportation Services Company Case Study

A Well-Known Transportation Services Company Remains Focused on Its Commitment to Quality by Leveraging FirstLight’s Engineering Services Agreement (ESA).

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