We take care of your uptime – so you can take care of your patients

If you’re in Healthcare IT, you know that uptime is critical, meaning the literal difference between life and death. We’ve developed a 25,000-mile fiber optic network with your specific needs in mind. Featuring ultra-low latency dedicated ethernet and Internet solutions, with optional diverse pathways, and ultra-secure data centers, our solutions and services ensure that you always have the lights on, no matter what.


Covenant Health Systems Case Study

FirstLight connected a multi-campus healthcare organization operating in two states and providing access to medical information among doctors, nurses, patients, and other staff efficiently, effectively, and securely.

FirstLight offers solutions and services to meet the needs of healthcare IT.

FirstLight Healthcare: By the Numbers

Healthcare is FirstLight’s largest enterprise customer segment, serving more than 1,100 customers across our footprint

FirstLight has 15 data centers to offer healthcare institutions.

FirstLight’s 14 state-of-the-art data centers offer space that’s SSAE 18 SOC2, Type II certified, as well as meet Tier III, HIPAA, or PCI regulatory requirements.

FirstLight provides services to over 2,700 healthcare customer locations in the Northeast

FirstLight’s fiber network has over 24,000 miles of fiber optic connectivity, connecting over 1,000 leading healthcare institutions for Internet, WAN and Cloud Connectivity.

FirstLight’s Fiber Network has over 25,000 miles of fiber optic connectivity, connecting over 1,100 leading healthcare institutions for Internet, WAN and Cloud Connectivity.

FirstLight provides reliable, real-time communication systems for healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Communication

We give your communications systems surgical precision

Whether performing long-distance telemedicine checkups or conducting ER surgery, we understand that reliable, real-time communication lies at the heart of any successful healthcare organization. That’s why we offer products like cloud-based hosted phone systems, call center solutions, and collaboration tools, as well as standard services like PRI/SIP – all of them layered on our high-performance, low-latency fiber network services.


Maine Family Planning Case Study

See how Maine Family Planning leveraged FirstLight SD-WAN to create a more seamless IT experience across several locations.


Encrypted Wavelength

Transmit data securely and rapidly using Encrypted Wavelength

For an IT Healthcare professional, maintaining your patients’ data privacy is nearly as fundamental as a doctor maintaining their patient’s vital signs. That’s where our Encrypted Wavelength solution comes into play, adding a powerful layer of security to your patients’ in-flight data without impacting network performance or causing any latency.

Encrypted Wavelength

No organization is immune to the threat of sensitive and private information being pilfered by hackers. Today’s network requires much more than high-capacity bandwidth – it needs a security strategy to protect critical data in flight.

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Healthcare Data Centers and Cloud Computing

Cloud & Data Center sites that meet the highest standards: your own

Our ultra-modern colocation centers & cloud computing sites afford you powerful tools to help protect your data, move workloads into a data center or scalable cloud and are backed by a team of experts that are there to help when you need them, 24×7. Our data centers undergo rigorous SOC 2, Type 2, PCI and HIPAA audits at least once per year. It’s all part of our master plan to ensure your hospital or healthcare network remains future proof.

FirstLight colocation centers and cloud computing sites offer healthcare organizations powerful tools to help protect data.

Healthcare Security & Ransomware Protection

You take care of our communities,
we’ll take care of your data.

Even though we all know how important healthcare is, unfortunately bad actors don’t have such a kind heart when it comes to who they choose to attack. In fact, it seems the more important you are, the more of a target you become. Threats like ransomware, DDoS attacks and network breaches are on the rise in healthcare. Having the right tools to keep these threats at bay has become a critical issue and that’s where FirstLight can help. We offer a large set of solutions ranging from DDoS protection, malware prevention training, DNS protection, cloud-based disaster recovery, managed security, monitoring and security operations center (SOC) services that help stop attacks before they start or recover and mitigate the issue so that healthcare delivery is not affected.

Security Solutions

FirstLight has a full cybersecurity portfolio to help organizations like yours prepare, prevent and recover from cyberattacks that pose a threat to your organization.

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