Get your teams, offices, and services in perfect sync

FirstLight UCaaS provides you with a people-focused, collaborative experience in any pocket, on any desk, and in any room. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all technology—we have multiple platforms and approaches that are built to ensure you have the right solution for your organization. 

FirstLight UCaaS provides a people-focused, collaborative experience.

Extensive Teamwork

Comprehensive, cloud-based collaboration

FirstLight helps employees, partners, and customers collaborate with each other seamlessly.

By securing integration with our cloud services, you can enable voice and video meetings, team collaboration, live whiteboarding, file sharing, and seamless workspace transitions on any device, in any room, anywhere you are. Your employees, partners, and customers can collaborate with each other seamlessly – without the headaches of deploying and managing hardware and software internally. 

UCaaS Benefits

Connected Anywhere at Anytime

Enterprise Grade PBX Features

  • Future-proof your communications with our cloud-based unified communication features including IM&P, voicemail, sim ring and much more.

Integrated User Experience for Calling, Messaging & Meetings 

  • It’s nice when everything works together and with today’s hybrid worker, it better be easy.  Users can transition between messaging, devices, calls and meetings with ease. 

Intelligent Call Routing and Auto Attendants

  • We’ll help you setup your call flow to maximize efficiency and handle inbound calls efficiently.

Enterprise-Grade Communications and Secure Geo-Redundant Network

  • Features and functionality are great but how good is the quality?  With FirstLIght you can be assured that our approach brings the highest levels of redundancy—backed by a fiber network built for low latency and low jitter—exactly what you need for reliable communications

Integrated Management and Analytics

  • The future is here now. Isn’t it time for your communications technology to provide you the data you want and the ease-of-management you deserve? 
FirstLight's UCaaS helps clients stay connected anywhere at anytime.

Unique FirstLight Value

FirstLight adds unique value to your UCaaS

FirstLight offers a low-latency fiber network, a dedicated team and training and adoption assistance.

We’re a longstanding, award-winning communications provider, with a 25,000-mile low-latency fiber network that supplies you with virtually unlimited bandwidth for all your communication and collaboration requirements. 

We include a dedicated team, backed by our network assurance philosophy, to help you design and operate your communications technology.   

What’s more, we’ll help you with training and adoption because the best technology that goes unused won’t help you one bit.   

Finally – and unlike some providers – we don’t offer just UCaaS—our comprehensive offerings, including WebEx calling and Metaswitch/Cloud Communication, work together to create a truly end-to-end quality experience that is unrivaled in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.   

Pretty good, right? 

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