Why Choose Performance-Grade Ethernet?

As enterprises connect office locations, data centers and cloud applications, they are increasingly adopting performance-grade Ethernet, sometimes referred to as “carrier-grade” Ethernet, as an accountable and flexible solution. Performance-grade Ethernet is more resilient than standard Ethernet, built robust enough to support businesses and carriers whose entire businesses rely on providing network services and connectivity to customers. As such, it offers the security and redundancy to support mission-critical traffic whenever it’s needed.

Ethernet Product Sheet

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High-Growth Businesses Demand High-Performing Networks

The underlying network is the true differentiator when it comes to Ethernet services. Providers that own the underlying fiber and have the flexibility to build to customers’ specific requirements provide significant advantages. With FirstLight’s performance-grade Ethernet, enterprises can design the network according to their exact needs and specifications rather than trying to fit existing routes. Whether businesses are connecting multiple locations or creating secure data center interconnects, performance-grade Ethernet provides the foundation to optimize connectivity and enable technologies like SD-WAN to operate at the highest level.

Feature and Benefits

An Accountable Ethernet Network That Ensures Uptime

Performance-grade Ethernet provides the resilience and flexibility businesses demand in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world. FirstLight delivers accountable and scalable performance-grade Ethernet that can be deployed rapidly to meet evolving needs. Businesses trust FirstLight to maximize uptime, backed by our industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for unmatched performance, availability and restoration timeframes. As a facilities-based provider, FirstLight doesn’t call someone else in the event of a service issue – we fix it ourselves because we own all 25,000+ miles of our network. We designed the network architecture to support the highest levels of networks demand, so businesses trust our performance-grade Ethernet will meet theirs.

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