Manchester School District Makes Security a Top Priority

Using FirstLight’s expertise and DNS solution, the Manchester School District trusted FirstLight to provide modern threat protection and security features for users and devices, along with visibility into its entire system.

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FirstLight K-12 By the Numbers


We love supporting education – in fact, we serve more than 500 K-12 schools across our footprint and provide services to more than 2,000 educational customer locations.


FirstLIght has 15 data centers throughout the region, offering private data suites and flexible options for primary or secondary locations, many of which are HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.


FirstLight’s Fiber Network spans more than 25,000 miles, serving more than 500 K-12 schools with Internet, WAN and Cloud Connectivity.

How Can FirstLight Help Your School?


25,000+ miles of fiber mean that FirstLight can find routes and pathways to create a redundant network between your school locations and our data centers, cloud providers and the Internet.


We offer robust Internet connections your school can rely on to deliver the highest level of education.


FirstLight has data centers across the Northeast that can provide the perfect home for your primary or secondary sites. Even better – many of our locations are HIPAA and SOC 2 certified to meet rigorous compliance standards.


As a Cisco Premier Partner, our engineers are experts at managing networks, SD-WAN, firewall, routing and switching, as well as Cisco Collaboration solutions, security solutions and more. Our cloud & data center engineers can help you manage your server infrastructure, cloud workloads and your backup & disaster recovery strategy.


Whether you’re in need of low latency connectivity to a hyperscale provider like AWS or you want regional cloud computing resources via the FirstLight cloud, we’ve got you covered.


Protect your school from ransomware, downtime events or other potential data loss incidents by using FirstLight’s cloud solutions.


Get deep insight, alerting and reporting on the critical components of your IT in order to keep your school running efficiently and minimize downtime.


Greater Johnstown School District – Case Study

FirstLight’s Internet and dark fiber increased bandwidth and productivity for students and faculty at the Greater Johnstown School District in Fulton County, New York.

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SD-WAN for Education

When you partner with us, we’ll help guard your network from trojans, malware, ransomware, or other cyber-attacks.

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Guide to IT Challenges & Solutions for K-12 Schools

K-12 schools need to find cost-effective ways to use IT technology to support students and staff, and ensure their educational mission is accessible and effective. FirstLight can help.

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DDoS Protection – Educational Internet K-12


The best Internet connectivity is useless if your school has been hit with a debilitating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

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DDoS Guide for K-12 White Paper

A DDoS attack can bring your school to its knees. Without a way to detect or mitigate the attack you could be forced to pay to make it stop, or suffer severe consequences with no end in sight. Thankfully, there are ways to fight back against this growing threat, and the first step is knowledge.

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