Why use FirstLight’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

  • Everything You Need in One Solution – We provide the replication and automated recovery software, the cloud computing resources and the network services that your company will need to help eliminate downtime.
  • Quick Data Recovery – Automated recovery that simplifies your DR plan during a downtime event means that your critical applications restore online within minutes and your IT staff isn’t burdened by complexity.
  • Continuous Replication Without the Sacrifice – By replicating changes to your environment in real time, you’ll have an aggressive recovery point objective (RPO) of just seconds. Better yet, using unique technology powered by Zerto™, your production environment will not be negatively impacted by snapshots or other methods of replication common with other solutions.
  • Simple, Budget-Friendly Pricing – There’s no longer a good excuse to go without a good DR plan. DR with FirstLight is simple, affordable and scalable.


  • Simple – Disaster recovery doesn’t need to be complex. Installation and management of FirstLight’s DR solution is remarkably easy.
  • Secure – FirstLight takes security seriously and is HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and PCI compliant. Furthermore, FirstLight manages its cloud from a former NATO Command and Control Center with dual authentication, redundant power and redundant fiber connectivity.
  • Scalable – Not sure what your needs will be in a year? Protect your environment today and let the FirstLight cloud scale with you.
  • Service-focused – Our team is there for you 24/7 but you remain in control of your environment and your DR plan.
  • Verified – Know for certain that your DR plan will work. Testing is free and simple.
  • Connected – FirstLight operates its own fiber optic network, which spans 9,600 route miles


  • Zerto software allows you to protect VMWare or Hyper-V environments
  • Flexibility to protect your most critical applications or groups of VMs as you see fit
  • Cloud computing resources mirror your production environment to ensure adequate levels of CPU, RAM and Storage (with appropriate IOPS levels).
  • Onboarding and project management provided at no additional cost
  • Self-service failover / testing, with 24/7 from an experienced and supportive team if you need it
  • Replicate through the Internet or through a private Ethernet connection
  • 1 Gbps Internet included for the cloud DR site to ensure adequate bandwidth during a failover
  • Additional network options up to 100 Gbps available
  • Monthly pricing plans

Compare Disaster Recovery from FirstLight with Do-It-Yourself or Public Cloud Options:

Item Do-It-Yourself “Public” Cloud FirstLight
Recovery Point Objective Varies Varies Seconds
Recovery Time Objective Varies Varies < 15 min
Support / project management during implementation No No Yes
Self-service failover Yes Yes Yes
Award-winning replication software Varies Varies Yes
Robust cloud infrastructure No Varies Yes
Easy failback to production side Varies Varies Yes
Journaling (point-in-time recovery) Varies Varies Yes
Support 24×7 No No Yes
Customization Yes No Yes
1Gbps internet (in the cloud) No No Yes
Reduced complexity / burden for IT staff No No Yes
Zero impact on production systems Varies Varies Yes

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