Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is optical fiber infrastructure that is currently in place but unused or unlit. It is an ideal solution for organizations that have high capacity bandwidth needs and the in-house expertise to manage it.

Why Dark Fiber?

  • Dark fiber supports companies whose bandwidth needs are growing rapidly and have the in-house resources and expertise to manage a dark fiber network.
  • When bandwidth upgrades are needed, companies can change out interfaces without the need to coordinate with a service provider or fret the term liability on a leased circuit.

FirstLight’s Dark Fiber Solution offers:

  • Secure, scalable, fully dedicated private physical network infrastructure
  • Flexibility – adheres to changing bandwidth needs to grow network capacity
  • Cost savings and predictability; predictable monthly costs, low incremental costs per bit
  • Customizable – Implement the network that best meets your organization’s needs
  • Strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for performance, availability and restoration timeframes

“Through the university’s connection to FirstLight and its fiber portfolio, we have created many opportunities for our research and education partners to obtain high speed connectivity throughout this region.”— University of Vermont

“FirstLight’s guaranteed uptime and services help our students to achieve”— Shenendehowa Central School District

“We chose FirstLight due to its strong network reliability and knowledgeable local crews who can quickly respond in the event of an issue.”— Shenendehowa Central School District

“FirstLight is focused on its customers”— Shenendehowa Central School District