Find out if your company is ready for a ransomware attack.

Many enterprises don’t take cybersecurity as seriously as they should. 

Whether they think they’re not big enough to be a target or they mistakenly think it’s simpler and more cost-effective to prevent and mitigate attacks in-house … they’re wrong. 

We can help.

We’ve created an assessment to help you determine if you’re adequately prepared to keep your data safe from bad actors.  

After answering a few key questions, you’ll receive a full report of your answers and expert recommendations to improve your score, if needed.   

Consider these facts …

92% of organizations that pay a ransom never get their data back 

$4.2M is the average cost of a data breach 

$88,000/hour is the average cost of an outage

Enterprises that take a lackadaisical approach to cybersecurity are often the preferred targets of today’s sinister cybercriminals.